Rules and Regulations 2

6. All winning game cards must be submitted one week prior to the expiry date shown on the card in order to be eligible for a prize. Any game cards not received by Wilwin Enterprises prior to such date shall be deemed void and no longer eligible to win any prizes.

7. Once a winner has been verified, a cheque for the full prize amount will be sent by Registered Mail to the mailing address shown on the game card within thirty (30) days. Wilwin Enterprises shall not be responsible for any prizes which are lost, misdirected or otherwise not received by the entrant. If a cash prize is not received by the prize winner, and the cheque for the prize amount has not been cashed within sixty (60) days of the date of mailing, at the written request of the prize winner, Wilwin Enterprises may, in its discretion, put a stop payment on the cheque and issue a replacement cheque to the prize winner.

8. All contest cards and prizes awarded in connection therewith, are non-transferable, and may not be assigned to any other person.

9. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, and may not be exchanged or substituted.

10. All entrants consent to the use of personal information as part of anonymous aggregated statistical data which will be used to calculate distribution of the contest cards in specific regions. Winning entrants consent to the publication or other use of the entrant’s name, without compensation, in any publicity carried on by Wilwin Enterprises, its agents or advertisers.

11. If for any reason the variable data has been compromised on any series of game cards resulting in what Wilwin consider to be an unacceptable level of cash prize redemptions they can immediately cancel that series of cards and reimburse the client for the cost of the cards only.

12. Wilwin Enterprises is not responsible for any miscommunications, incorrectly completed entries, failed postal communications, or any other error of any kind. Wilwin will not be responsible for any third party who by virtue of their actions have delayed or disqualified a potential cash prize winner.

13. Wilwin Enterprises is not responsible for any modified, blank, ineligible, or improperly scratched, marked or printed Wilwin Scratch and Win game cards, and any liability in respect of such game cards will be limited to the provision of a replacement game card.

14. Wilwin Scratch and Win contest cards which has been tampered with in any way by a participant such as partially scratched, marked or otherwise altered including forged, counterfeited or reproduced, or are otherwise modified in any way are deemed void and ineligible to participate in the Wilwin game card program.

15. Wilwin makes no representation as to the merchantability of the Scratch and Win game card programs or of their fitness for any particular purpose. We are however willing to share any marketing information we may have available.

16. By scratching, in whole or in part the Wilwin Scratch and Win game card, or submitting an entry, the entrant confirms that he or she shall comply with and accept these Rules and Regulations, and releases Wilwin Enterprises, its affiliates, agents and advertisers from any and all claims, damages, actions and causes of action arising in connection with the Wilwin Scratch and Win game card program.

17. Cash prize winners will be responsible for any applicable taxes.

18. The Wilwin Scratch and Win game card and any entries received in respect thereof are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario or any other jurisdiction in which the game card is received or redeemed.

19. In order for the game card recipient to be eligible to receive the prize money the company having purchased the game card must have paid for the game cards in accordance with the terms of the sales contract signed with Wilwin Enterprises. Otherwise the purchaser of the game cards becomes liable for any prize money payout. Wilwin Enterprises may, in its discretion, put a stop payment on the cheque and issue a replacement cheque to the prize winner.

20. The resale of any game card supplied by Wilwin Enterprises at the consumer level is strictly prohibited.

21. Winners must be residence of the country in which the prize money is won and the client must have purchased the winning card in the same currency.

22. All winning card numbers will be considered void and unredeemable if the provider of your card has not made payment in full to Wilwin Enterprises for all cards supplied.

23. Odds of winning are 1 in 3,760 for the $500.00 and 1 in 658,008 for the $5,000.00. Cash prizes will be awarded unless otherwise indicated.